What is Sophrology?

Derived from the Greek words SOS (harmony, serenity), PHREN (consciousness) and LOGOS (science, study), sophrology aims to help you live more consciously with your body and mind in harmony. Sophrology was developed by a Colombian neuro-psychiatrist Dr Alfonso Caycedo in the 1960’s. Rejecting the hard core processes of psychiatry, inspired by Eastern techniques like yoga and meditation he developed a new method which is more respectful of patients and takes into account their personality and their peculiarities. 

Why Sophrology?

It was aimed to ascertain the awareness of psychiatric patients to help them to combat the anxieties, fears and tensions It is a technique that is simple and easy to learn. Based on relaxation and concentration, including both physical and mental exercises which are done in a state of dynamic relaxation - (relaxation in movement) Sophrology aims to help people live more consciously with their body and mind in harmony. They learn how to relax, to respond more selectively to stressful events, to be more aware of their inner resources, strengths and personal values. 

It helps restore the confidence of the patient, by inculcating the spirit of positive thoughts. It is a way of knowing oneself, to find and change oneself.

What is Sophrology session like?

Guided by the sophrologist, you learn how to relax your entire body to reach a state of deep relaxation. From that state of consciousness, specific techniques are chosen to address your specific needs. 

The meetings have two phases where one lie or sit comfortably:

- A phase of relaxation of the body through the practice of breathing and visualization of each part of the body (from head to foot), accompanied by the voice of a sophrologist.

- A phase of awareness, access to higher regions of consciousness thanks to breathing exercises and concentration.

During the meetings, you will learn simple exercises and practicing that will help you in your daily life, combat stress, anxiety, anger, anxiety, fatigue, nervousness and help you acquire patience and calmness.

Sophrology works very well in groups as everyone experience the session individually, responding to the techniques in his/her own way.